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Our firm, DOUGLAS RIBAS ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, relies on skilled lawyers who have wide experience in their areas of law. Our mission is based on principles of providing personalized legal services to each client, addressing their specific needs, individual or company

We conduct our activities and analyze the all situations following strict ethics and technical rigor, transmitting our opinions and solutions for each case to the clients in a transparent, uncomplicated and objective manner. We are a “boutique-office”, and as opposed to the relationship between clients and medium and large firms, we, the partners, serve the clients directly and effectively, addressing all services entrusted to the office and issues that may arise.

We have correspondent lawyers in several capitals of the country, as well as in those areas of law in which we are not experts; we work with some offices in partnership, relying on the expertise of a coach, so that we can serve our clients in the most diverse branches of law, always undertaking responsibility for the services developed by our correspondents and partners.

Pratices Areas

We are specialized in the following fields of law, with direct and personal observance from the partners:

Civil Law Civil Law

Litigation and civil counseling services, through lawsuits, actions in court, and arbitration throughout the country, and litigation in Civil law (civil liability, indemnities, rights and obligations, collection and enforcement, family and succession law, tenure and property rights, among others), as well as the preparation of consultations and briefs on contracts, business and issues presented by the client aiming at minimizing potential legal risks.

Our work, through its personalized style and permanent contact with the partners, displays the objective search for the resolution of disputes using the most viable strategies, combined with the least expensive forms, ensuring effectiveness to the client.

Each situation is carefully evaluated so that the best strategy can be followed by the client, taking into account the risks involved in each procedure.

Elaboration of succession and patrimonial planning, aiming at the reduction of the cost of inventory, whether the succession is processed in the judicial or extrajudicial sphere, as well as the fiscal economy in leasing and real estate operations, besides the preservation and certain protections to family assets.

Consumer Law Consumer Law

Analysis and drafting of contracts in conformity with the rights of consumers; representation in consumer actions before consumer protection agencies and the Public Prosecution Service; civil and administrative litigation; advice on consumer relations and advertising practices.

Issues involving healthcare plans.

Contract Law Contract Law

Counseling and advice to clients on the drafting, review, negotiation and conclusion of contracts in general, commercial or civil.

We advise our clients on the proceedings of negotiation and closing of contracts, having as the main scope their safety.

Among all activities in this area, the following may be highlighted:

  • Negotiation, drafting and or review of various types of contracts, such as services, leasing, purchase and sale of personal property and real property, consortium, commercial partnership, and any other typical and atypical contracts;
  • Advising on real estate issues in order to inform the clients the possible risks related to the intended business, especially with regards to ownership, origin and regularity of real estate;
  • Analysis of specific contractual clauses;
  • Legal opinion on contracts and contractual clauses, such as non-performance and execution of contractual obligations or the unilateral or bilateral termination of contracts;
  • Agency agreements.

Real Estate Law Real Estate Law

Legal assistance in relation to the developments in the real estate area, negotiation and preparation of contracts for the acquisition, sale, lease and constitution of real rights over real estate, including advice on the purchase of property, verification of documentation and procedures prior to the closing of businesses, covering the registration of contracts, real and personal guarantees, as well as the registration of the real estate before the competent register of deeds.

Commercial Law Commercial Law

Analysis of mercantile and financial contracts, national and international, franchising, commercial furtherance (factoring); credit titles; commercial representation and agency, export and import of goods.

Labor Law Labor Law

Legal advice on hiring procedures, compensation and dismissal of employees, preventive consulting, judicial and extrajudicial representation in agreements and labor claims and other actions related to labor.

Corporate Law Corporate Law

Incorporation and dissolution of companies, mergers, divisions, transformations and acquisitions; holdings and joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, due diligence, financial and capital markets; securitizations, corporate reorganizations; offering of securities, opening of capital, issue of debentures, national and international securities; succession planning and privatizations;

Consulting in corporate matters, especially in the interpretation and compliance with corporate law;

Assistance in the elaboration of corporate documents, from before the establishment of a company formed by foreign partners to assisting the clients’ with the issuance of documents and meeting the requirements necessary for the formation of a company in Brazil (minutes, contracts and bylaws, agreements, resolutions of members, powers of attorney and other documents pertaining to the performance of the business society);

Organization and updating of books and corporate documents;

Advice to clients in areas of competence of the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN), mainly related to the registration of investments and remittance of capital.

Tax Law Tax Law

Administrative and judicial litigation, tax consulting, tax planning, conducting due diligence, recovery and collection of tax credits, administration of tax liabilities, defenses of infraction notices at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Administrative Law Administrative Law

Assistance and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings resulting from bids at federal, state or municipal levels for government purchases, concessions, permits and privatizations. Advising on bids for the concession of public services and for the accomplishment of public works. Advice to the client before the regulatory agencies and in the administration of contracts signed with the government.

Also, the following are part of the range of services available to our clients:

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property

Elaboration, analysis and negotiation of contracts involving license and assignment of intellectual property rights; technology transfer; provision of services; use of image; software; franchise; among other matters related to the field.

Representation of the client before the Judiciary, arbitral tribunals or Public Administration, in disputes involving issues related to unfair competition, trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, license agreements and software.

Advice to the client in the procedures relating to the register and protection of the trademark, patent, design, software, copyright, among other matters.

Competition Law Competition Law

Representation of the client before the Department of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Law of the Ministry of Justice, the Administrative Council of Economic Defense and the Judiciary, in administrative and judicial proceedings concerning abuse of economic power, unfair competition and concentration business.

Paralegal Services Paralegal Services

Supporting the various activities indicated above, our body of paralegals meets the needs of clients with the Municipal, State and Federal Administration, providing documents, forms and procedures for the completion of each work.


Douglas Ribas


Douglas Ribas

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Douglas Ribas Jr

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Camila Felicissimo Soares

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Roberta Cristina Martins de Paiva

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Anderson Fortti Pereira

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Consultant in labor law

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Consultant in civil law

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